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Wetube By Sam Ovens Download

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What is Wetube By Sam Ovens

Wetube By Sam Ovens is a 6-week course that shows you how to make $100k+ /month selling niche subscription communities, AKA “masterminds”. You’ll get access to a customer community where you can collaborate and get support from other members + training that covers these main topics:

The 6-Figure YouTube Academy By Charlie Chang


Organic traffic — It shows you how to build an “organic content machine” using YouTube and an email newsletter so you can generate traffic. It shows you how to convert that organic traffic into high-paying mastermind subscriptions (recurring revenue).

Paid traffic — It shows you how to run YouTube ads to get traffic quickly (if organic content isn’t your jam). Brian Moncada (from teaches you his skills in hardcore YouTube Ads training worth $10k on its own.
Wetube By Sam Ovens
Masterminds — We show you how to start, grow, and run a mastermind community. We cover low-ticket virtual masterminds and high-ticket in-person masterminds. We show you where to start (first customer) and how to evolve to a 100+ person mastermind making $100k+ /month. In full detail.


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Wetube By Sam OvensWetube By Sam Ovens Download