The Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier


The Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier

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The Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier

Course Curriculum




2.2A Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages(4:56)

3.1 Different Network Types. Get before entrepreneurs this week. (22:39)

5.6 Interview with Dawn Dantzler, Director of Marketing Tilson Homes(41:16)


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The Real Deal Video Strategist Club - Mark Cloutier
The Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier

Module 1. Recordings That Business Will Pay Big Money For

1.1 Brand Message Videos (BMV)(9:35)

1.2 Testimonial Videos(12:56)

1.3 Promo Videos(10:12)

1.4 Sales Trifecta(10:17) 1.5 Educational Course Videos(9:29)

1.6 Phone Sales Person Introduction Videos(6:06)

1.7 Live Stream Multicast Videos(8:36)

1.8 Process and Procedure Videos(6:02)

1.9 Recruiting Videos(6:56)

1.10 Safety Videos(6:06)

1.11 Political Videos(5:11)

1.12 Compliance Videos(5:55)

1.14 Product Videos(6:02)

Module 2A. Facebook

2.1A Facebook Business Manager Overview and Setup(6:21)

2.2A Creating New Pages and Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages(6:28)

2.3A Requesting Access to Client Ad Accounts and Creating New Ad Accounts(5:49)

2.4A Facebook Page Optimization(4:37)

2.5A Facebook Pixel Overview and Setup(7:02)

2.7A Facebook Ad Type Overview(36:21)

Module 2B. Instagram

2.1B Creating an Instagram Account(1:14)

2.2B Optimizing Your Page and Structuring Your Bio(4:29)

2.3B Switching to an Instagram Business Account(3:58)

2.4B Linking Your Instagram Page to Your Facebook Page and Cross-Posting(2:57)

2.5B Strategic Content Creation(3:18)

2.6B Hashtag Research(3:02)

2.7B Instagram Stories(7:27)

2.8B Instagram Ads (not far off!)

2.9B Analytics (not far off!)

The Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier Module 2C. Google

2.1C Google My Business(15:10)

2.2C Google Analytics(10:38)

2.3C Google Ads Creation(27:46) 2.4C Google Ads Dashboard Overview(8:48)

2.5C Setting Up Your Google Retargeting Tag (Pixel)(4:24)

2.6C Creating Custom Audiences in Google (COMING SOON!)

Module 2D. YouTube

2.1D Basic YouTube Ads Manager Overview and Setup(6:07)

2.2D Linking YouTube to Your Google Retargeting Tag(2:24)

2.3D Advanced YouTube Ad Creation (COMING SOON!)

Module 2E. Snapchat

2.1E Snapchat Ads Manager Overview and Setup(6:48)

2.2E Snapchat Pixel Set-Up(1:22)

2.3E Creating Custom Audiences and Retargeting in Snapchat (COMING SOON!)

Module 2F. Talk Bots

2.1F Chat Bot Setup Guide (Many Chat)(15:38)

Module 2G. Email Marketing

2.1G Mailchimp Overview(1:21)

2.2G Audience Creation(6:05)

2.3G Campaign Creation (Email Blasts)(8:47)

2.4G Campaign Creation (Automations and Flows)(7:42)

2.5G Campaign Reporting and Analytics(5:29)

2.6G Domain Authentication(4:34)

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Module 2H. The most effective method to Audit a Prospect or Client’s Website and Advertising Strategy

2.1H How to Audit a Website(17:23)

2.2H How to Find and Audit Facebook Ads(7:24)

MODULE 3 Lead Generation Through Networking


3.2 Networking Tips and Tricks(7:28)

3.3 Fill Your Calendar Networking Opportunities(31:20)

Module 4 Online Lead Generation for your Business.

4.1 LinkedIn and Automated Prospecting(12:44)

Module 5 Business Owner Discovery Interview Library


MODULE 6 Discovery and Sales Guide

6.1 Discovery(9:06)

6.2 Sales Meetings(14:51)

6.3 How to Price Digital Marketing Services(15:15)

MODULE 7 Flow Chart Downloads

Online Course Flow Chart Download


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