Project Platinum By Robby Blanchard


Project Platinum By Robby Blanchard

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What You Get In Project Platinum By Robby Blanchard

Component 1: 6 Week LIVE MasterClass – 6 Weeks of cutting aspect education and coaching designed that will help you arise and run to your manner to Platinum!

Component 2: Money Magnet Traffic Training – The secret to making hundreds in line with the day online is scale.

Component 3: $250k Elite Platinum Offers – We’ve reduced all the guesswork for you and hand-picked the first-rate offers that we understand can propel you $250k and past.

Component 4: 7 Figure Platinum Case Studies – Success leaves clues and that’s why you’ll get access to interviews and case research of college students who have reached platinum and past.

Component 5: Instant Scale Training – The key to success is scale. If something is running you want to do greater of it! That’s why in this phase we cover a way to scale up fast to head from $500 to $5000 in keeping with day and past!


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Project Platinum By Robby BlanchardProject Platinum By Robby Blanchard