High Ticket Kingdom By Nate Hurst

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High Ticket Kingdom By Nate Hurst

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 High Ticket Kingdom By Nate Hurst


Most Common Questions About High Ticket Kingdom By Nate Hurst

1. I comprehend the idea and the plan of action generally (I think). be that as it may, is it actually that basic?

That’s right, practically. I’ve calibrated my business to be as smoothed out and basic as could be expected under the circumstances, and I tell others the best way to do likewise. I discover high ticket items, I make Shopify stores around them, and I run Google Ads to drive traffic and make me deals. Truly, it’s true that basic.

2. Alright, so for what reason is this program unique in relation to other people?

Not at all like other outsourcing programs, I show you how to sell High Ticket items that really make you benefit, not at all like the obsolete AliExpress Chinese outsourcing strategy. Additionally, this isn’t a THEORY preparation.

This is a tick-by-click, over-the-shoulder video preparing program that will hand-walk you through finding a triumphant high ticket specialty, discovering and landing brand name providers, constructing a Shopify store streamlined for changes, running advertisements on Google to direct people to your store, and GETTING clients to pay a huge number of dollars for our High Ticket items. No related knowledge important. Like I referenced in the video over, this is a “business in a container” approach, and I walk you through each progression.

3. Alright, I’m in!!! In any case, for what reason would you say you are sharing this plan of action with everybody? Shouldn’t something be said about rivalry?

You’ll rapidly discover that “advertise immersion” is something you don’t need to stress over. Online promoters burned through $209 BILLION in 2017. All you need is a little Lil’ bit of that pie to be set. What’s more, I’m here to assist you with developing your business, while offering counseling/preparing as a help. A success-win circumstance.

4. I know nothing about outsourcing. I’m overpowered.

Hello, neither did I when I was first beginning. The uplifting news is, that I can be your “alternate route” around here. I’ve fizzled and done the entire “experimentation” thing so you don’t need to. That is what you’re here for. A demonstrated model. Furthermore, EVERYTHING I educate is spread out in too basic terms and snap-by-click recordings that are anything but difficult to follow.

Module 1 – Getting Started (WATCH FIRST) High Ticket Kingdom

01-Welcome To The Kingdom!.mp4

01-Welcome To The Kingdom!.pdf

02-High Ticket Accelerator – Resource Section.docx

02-Tools and Resources.mp4

Module 2 – Mindset

01-Unleash The Lion Within.mp4

02-Sheep Man’s Death Trap.mp4

03-The Art Of Goal Achievement.mp4

04-Goal Mapping.mp4

05-The Focus BluePrint.mp4

Module 3 – Intro To High Ticket

01-What Is High Ticket Dropshipping-.mp4

02-Why We Sell ‘High Ticket’ Products.mp4

03-5 Ways To Find A High Ticket Product.mp4

04-Take Action.mp4

Module 4 – Setting Up Your Business

01-Getting Your Sellers Permit and Business Name Statement.mp4

02-How To Get Your EIN-Tax ID.mp4

02-How To Get Your EIN-Tax ID.pdf

Module 5 – Supplier Research

01-Finding Your Ideal Suppliers.mp4

02-Take Action.mp4

Module 6 – Setting Up Your Shopify Store

01-Setting Up Your Back-End.mp4

01-Setting Up Your Back-End.pdf

02-Removing Powered By Shopify From Footer.mp4

03-Optimizing Policies and Pages.mp4

04-Setting Up Your Payment Gateway.mp4

05-Picking A High Converting Theme.mp4

05-Picking A High Converting Theme.pdf

06-Adding Klarna To Your Store.mp4

Module 7 – Supplier Outreach

01-Professional Email Guidelines G Suite Customization.mp4

02-Customizing Your Email Signature.mp4

03-Reaching Out To Suppliers.mp4

04-Live Examples Of Supplier Outreach.mp4

05-How To Answer Tricky Questions Suppliers May Throw At You.mp4

06-Take Action.mp4

Module 8 – Utilizing Credit

01-Understanding Credit – The Basics.mp4

02-Best Cards For Ad Spend.mp4

Module 9 – Product Importing

01-Uploading Products From Your Supplier.mp4

02-How To Set Up Shipping Rates For Each Specific Brand.mp4

03-Pricing Your Products-Why ‘Guide’ Is Important.mp4

04-Take Action.mp4

Module 10 – Advertising

01-Getting Started With Google.mp4

02-Key Performance Indicators.mp4

03-Google Shopping Feed Setup.mp4

04-Conversion Tracking (Manually-Automated).mp4

05-Understanding The Sales Funnel.mp4

06-Understanding Keyword Match Types.mp4

07-Google Campaign Structure.mp4

08-Launching Your Google Ads Campaign.mp4

09-Google Optimization.mp4

10-Google Search Campaigns.mp4

11-Smart Shopping Campaigns.mp4

12-Bing Ad Setup.mp4

13-Re-Targeting With Google Display.mp4

14-Take Action.mp4

Module 11 – Fulfilling Orders

01-Fulfilling Orders With Your Supplier.mp4

02-How To Use Parcel Monkey.mp4

Module 12-B2B (Section 1)

01-What is B2B High Ticket Dropshipping-.mp4

03-How A Business Purchases Online.mp4

03-The Numbers Behind B2B High Ticket.mp4

Module 12 – B2B (Section 2)

01-Preparing Your Home Page Layout.mp4

02-Setting Up Bulk Order Forms.mp4

03-How To 3x B2B Sales.mp4

Module 12 – B2B (Section 3)

01-Building Your B2B Prospect Customer List.mp4

02-How To Find Local Customers On Google.mp4

03-How To Find B2B Customers On Facebook.mp4

Module 12 – B2B (Section 4)

01-B2B Professionalism.mp4

02-Selling High Ticket Products Via Text.mp4

03-B2B Customer Call.mp4

04-B2B Invoices And Results.mp4


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High Ticket Kingdom By Nate HurstHigh Ticket Kingdom By Nate Hurst
Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $5.00.