Facebook Ads And iOS 14 – Jon Loomer


Facebook Ads And iOS 14 – Jon Loomer

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Facebook Ads And iOS 14 – Jon Loomer

Preparing Overview

iOS 14 has an emotional effect on Facebook promotion: The expansion of a security brief to all iOS applications and a change of the information shipped off Facebook has brought about new standards and cycles that will affect your publicizing worldwide, whether or not your crowd is on an iOS gadget.

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Facebook Ads And iOS 14 - Jon Loomer
Facebook Ads And iOS 14 – Jon Loomer

Course Description

This is a nitty-gritty, bit by bit video series that assists you with understanding the accompanying (and the sky is the limit from there):

What the iOS 14 brief is

The effect on focusing on, enhancement, and detailing

Your new 8 enhancement occasions limit

Amassed Event Management

Worth Optimization setup

Essential preparing takeaways:

The iOS 14 Prompt

How it functions, what it means for information, and what Facebook is doing about it.

The Impact on Advertising

How streamlining, focusing on, revealing, and even adequacy will undoubtedly change.

What to Do Now

The particular advances that you can take to ensure that you are best ready for this update.


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