Andrew Foxwell Ad Buyers Bundle

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Andrew Foxwell Ad Buyers Bundle

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Andrew Foxwell Ad Buyers Bundle

Optimizing and Auditing With Confidence and Clarity

This course is everything you need to know about how to optimize, audit, and improve the performance of Facebook and Instagram ads in a post-iOS14 era. It lays out all the recent changes to attribution and optimization and how to navigate them, shows you in-depth examples of how to find the right audiences, bid the right way, restructure your accounts, scale things properly, and build creative that converts.

Andrew Foxwell Ad Buyers Bundle Course Outline & Class Takeaways

  • Defining optimization and auditing
  • How to know when to audit an account and when to optimize
  • Common issues and misconceptions
  • Recent changes in optimizations and auditing (iOS14.5)
  • How advertising post-iOS14 is different from pre-iOS14
  • Planning and strategizing the optimization process the right way
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly optimization
  • Which metrics to look at when optimizing
  • Optimizing through creative, audiences, bidding, and placements
  • Tools, graphs, and data (inside and outside of Facebook Ads Manager) you need to use to improve your account audits
  • Step-by-step guides and checklists for accurately optimizing and auditing
  • Setting attainable goals and expectations

Course Also Includes

  • Foxwell Digital Optimization Webinar Membership ($500 value) with quarterly Zoom webinars for Q2, Q3, & Q4 of 2021 with updates on changes to Facebook and Instagram ads you must know.
  • Interviews with industry experts including Susan Wenograd, Akvile DeFazio, Shane Cicero, Tim Aton, Zach Hyde, Ryan Kovach, and Nick Shackelford.
  • Resources including: Delayed Attribution Worksheet, ROAS Calculator, Advertising Changelog

Tried and True Testing

In this course, we explain how to set up successful tests within Facebook and Instagram ads, giving practical advice as it relates to testing, including creative, placement, audiences, bidding, and more. All courses sold by Foxwell Digital have a 100% satisfaction promise. If you don’t find value in this course, we’ll refund your money.

Topics Covered In Andrew Foxwell Ad Buyers Bundle

  • Why testing is important
  • Types of Testing
  • Determining testing success and meaningful metrics
  • Statistical significance
  • Post-testing, determining findings, and communication

Class Lessons & Take-Aways

  • How to think about, strategize, and implement creative, audience, bid, and placement tests (with concrete examples of successful tests) within the Facebook & Instagram Ads Manager
  • What aspects of an ad can be tested, how to test each one, and how to determine which test is best for what you’re trying to do?
  • What to focus on when testing different parts of an ad
  • How to determine the statistical significance of one test versus another
  • What to do post-testing, how to determine winner(s), and how to communicate test findings to clients or colleagues.


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Andrew Foxwell Ad Buyers BundleAndrew Foxwell Ad Buyers Bundle
Original price was: $1,254.00.Current price is: $15.00.