December Mastermind – Colin Dijs


December Mastermind – Colin Dijs

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Author: Colin Dijs

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December Mastermind – Colin Dijs

December Mastermind - Colin Dijs
December Mastermind – Colin Dijs


December Mastermind – Colin Dijs And…

Figure out How To Create Your Very

Own CPA Marketing Agency




Driving force SPOTS LEFT:17

September Mastermind Students had an 89.2% Success Rate!

Driving forces give understanding, direction, and systems administration that has taken others years to accomplish.

Colin Dijs – Cpa Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

December Mastermind – Colin Dijs Experience….

Probably the best piece of being a piece of a genius in the direction you get from others that are as of now where you need to be. They have experienced the highs and lows and can help you from encountering a similar trap that they did.

Additionally with experience comes speed. You will have the option to accomplish your objectives in a fraction of the time since you will have the option to utilize others’ experiences to quicken your development with fewer blunders and mix-ups!


It was Zig Ziglar who stated: “You can have everything in life you need, on the off chance that you will sufficiently enable others to get what they need.” You will get incredible fulfillment from helping different entrepreneurs in their organizations.


The life of a business visionary can be forlorn – Sharing your fantasies, goals, and difficulties with a gathering of similarly invested people makes it significantly less desolate! You will normally raise your game as you invest more energy in the organization of these similarly invested business visionaries – in addition to obviously the normal of the five individuals you invest the most time with will improve –!

The joint effort is the situation. You may discover somebody in the gathering that is an ideal fit to take a shot at a task with you. Or on the other hand, you might be the ideal individual to help another part also. The gathering cooperates cooperatively, to accomplish all the more together.

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Offer your thoughts and choices inside your Mastermind Group. In the event that you don’t know what to do straightaway, what heading to go in, the aggregate intensity of the Mastermind will kick in and get you in the groove again!

You can’t resist the urge to figure greater and stretch past your limits when encircled by astounding individuals doing stunning things. Individual Mastermind individuals will assist you with seeing the potential you are passing up.


Toward the finish of each gathering you will have an activity plan, destinations you have to meet before the followingExtend Your Skills…

Everybody in a brains bunch is interested in expertise, experience, and associations. Everybody’s a specialist at something and as you collaborate with one another you will get new abilities and procedures – constantly.

There is an exceptional vitality that encompasses a gathering of progress disapproved of people – a vitality that lifts the individual and the gathering. In a Mastermind Group members increase current standards by testing each other to make and execute objectives, conceptualize thoughts, and bolster each other with all-out genuineness, regard, and sympathy.

Challenge Yourself

Colin Dijs December Mastermind Group will provoke you to develop your business to its fullest potential.

In everyday business activities, it is anything but difficult to get derailed lose center – with a Mastermind Group you will keep on target.


​26 Years Old

​Lives In Amsterdam

​CPA Marketing Over 19 Months

More than 7 Figures In Sales

Has Trained 1000s of Students

I chipped away at my business for a long time for 10 hours per day and got diverted by the gleaming item condition as I went from outsourcing to pipe working to SEO to associate showcasing.

At the point when I reconnected with an old companion from my old outsourcing course, I went along with he informed me regarding associate CPA advertising as he saw on my FB timetable that I was posting about offshoot showcasing. After that 3 hour call the following day I made my first CPA showcasing lead gen transformations.

He guided me for a half year from April 2018 to October 2018 where I at long last quit my call place work where I had been working throughout the previous 2 years. Truly adaptable employment so I could deal with my business as an afterthought, abhorred each moment of me working there.

In October I hit my first 10k month, at that point, it got 50k and 100k after the next months. The understudy turned into the educator. From that point forward I’ve satisfied my first all-consuming purpose that was to possess my own business and never work with any other individual any longer.

As of now, we sit at about 1M+ USD income in a year with CPA advertising business exercises.

Brains Entry Pass

With the Mastermind Entry Pass you will gain admittance to:

8 Weeks Worth of Content (LIVE)

2 Week Technical Preparation

​10 Weeks Worth of Daily Communication

​Personalized Progress Forms

​Exclusive Network Partners

​Special Mastermind Discounts

​Limited Time Affiliate Competition

​And A Lot More…

What You’re Going To Get When You Join The Colin Dijs Mastermind….

10 – Week

CPA Marketing Blueprint

More than 60 recordings of inside and out CPA Marketing Training Videos where we encourage you all that you have to know to develop your CPA Business for the since quite a while ago run. (€997 Value)

Access to Two of the Best Networks and Advertisers

(quickly affirmed)

This implies you won’t need to look for members or sponsors.

(€4,497 Value)

No Payout Threshold and

Week by week Payments

It is safe to say that you are worn out on standing by to get paid???

We have no payout limits and week by week installments so you get paid quicker and all the more regularly!!!



High Converting Copy

One of the Number One Problems understudies have expressed throughout the years is, how would I concoct extraordinary duplicate?

We tackled that issue and are giving you huge amounts of the best and most elevated changing over duplicate we have ever utilized. This makes composing a duplicate a genuine NO-Brainer!

(€1,497 Value)

December Mastermind – Colin Dijs Private Facebook Group

Our Private Facebook Group is the place a portion of our greatest Break Throughs happens. I made this gathering since I needed everybody in my framework to have a protected spot to proceed to search out the appropriate responses that they want. This gathering is brimming with astounding individuals that have indistinguishable mentality and objectives from what you do. It will offer UNLIMITED Help and a spot that you can converse with others about the preliminaries and wins of CPA Marketing. (€497 Value)

Advertisement Account Secret

(The most effective method to Obtain Limitless Ad Accounts)

These insider facts I will just quickly talk about here on the grounds that they are so TOP SECRET. I will show you my mystery approaches to acquire boundless advertisement accounts. This only one is worth THOUSANDS!! (€2,497 Value)

Instagram Paid Traffic Mastery

Instagram is probably the quickest approach to develop your CPA Marketing and we will give you how. Our Instagram Paid Traffic Mastery Course has a demonstrated reputation that can’t be overlooked!

(€997 Value)

Everyday Video Content

60 Days worth of video content. These recordings will help manage you on your excursion while making your CPA Business. (€997 Value)

Individual Mastermind

Onboarding Call

Regardless of what level you go along with, you will get an exceptional one on one on-loading up call that will walk you through all that you should do to expand your time at this Mastermind.

(€297 Value)

Lifetime Access To A Private Community

“Your Network is Your Networth” you generally hear individuals state. This is demonstrated consistently in my Private Community that I have made on the web. This is a spot that you will have the option to coordinate with a portion of the Top CPA Gurus and well as individuals simply such as yourself that have questions and utilize the gathering to give the appropriate response.

(€497 Value)

Three Ready Made Bridge Pages

I have used to make thousands with. These are anything but difficult to utilize and can be downloaded straightforwardly to your record and made your own with just a couple of minor changes. (€997 Value)


Promotion Images Examples

You will get 100’s of promotion pictures that we have utilized after some time and demonstrated to be exceptionally powerful at assisting with changing over individuals. These pictures will assist you with stopping theory and begin bringing in cash today! (€497 Value)

Vital Business

Frameworks Templates

The extraordinary thing about formats is they take into account simple duplication of demonstrated frameworks. Our layouts will build your simplicity of activities and help to dispose of any exorbitant blunders or errors.

(€497 Value)

Facebook Paid Traffic Mastery

This course will instruct you all that you have to know with regards to Facebook Paid Traffic and CPA Marketing,. (€997 Value)


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